LEAF XCEED Music Division - YuYu Metal

2009-06-20 05:43:51 by rtnario

Now that there are 25 people who care (from 10, but getting on the front page sure got me somewhere...) I'm gonna use my News posts more effectively by posting what I post at my actual blog. Of course, I'll post only the music releases =)


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LEAF XCEED Music Division - YuYu Metal

Download Link:
http://www.nakido.com/1DB414C3F33D97EB E82C0E7C27724ECC64DCD5C2 (again, MediaFire v_v)

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /248262

Here we have YuYu Metal, an obviously metal version of the music used for Adam Phillips' award-winning Flash animation, "The YuYu". The music itself was composed by Peter "Spider" Stacy of The Pogues fame, and James Walbourne. I got into making a remix of this thanks to an NG user named pheel who made three remixes based on the Flash: The YuYu (8bitey), The YuYu 8bit v2 & The YuYu Rock. It was through randomly going through his userpage, listening to the remixes and finding The YuYu on Google that made me want to remix it myself.

So now you can watch the animation and play this remix alongside it. =)


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2009-06-20 08:49:11

I listened to your song... it was amazing.

rtnario responds:

Thanks again dude XD And since you probably noticed my reply on your review, you should be listening to Elvenking by now, yes? ^^


2009-06-24 21:32:53

Hmm, Well, you got me playing SWR OG 1+2, thanks, great games... Now, I was wondering, I wanted to know if you planned to do any other music from the games, If you are, I'd love to see Shu's theme and Masaki's theme. Anyways, keep up the good work with what you do, you do a good job.

rtnario responds:

In the future I probably will. I've mentioned once or twice that I currently have betas of Ryusei, Elzam/Ratsel & Axel. I want to finish at least one of those before I head on to trying to remix something as epic as Shu's theme and...well...Masaki's theme XD

Thanks for the comments!


2009-08-18 20:23:00

hey dude do you mind if i use this in a game
and of course ill give full credit, to you
also i give u a five every chance i get
gr8 song
please pm me with ur answer

rtnario responds:

You should've PM'd me with your request in the first place. XD

Of course you can use it in a game. Full credit is all I need. ^^