Adjustments...and yet another song!

2009-09-30 13:32:53 by rtnario

I've gotten multiple comments regarding my overall sound when it comes to anything metal. YouTube comments told me that the lead guitar was hard to hear. Metaljonus said that orchestration was too loud, guitar had too much treble, and bass, too weak. So I've decided to tweak my mix yet again.

Mix Test:

What I did here was alter the guitar sound a bit but retain the lead volume, turn down the rhythm guitar since I found it too overpowering and it makes the lead hard to hear, and turn up the bass to make it much more noticeable. I haven't tried this new setup with orchestration, but how is it anyway? My opinion and a friend's says that it's an improvement. :) And a side note...should I turn this "template test" into a song? It could be the next NG release I'd have...

In other news, the stuff I don't release in NG is released elsewhere not unless it's really private. For those interested, I came up with a very short but relaxing (IMO XD) acoustic guitar piece called Downstream when I was in "freestyle composing" mode. Enjoy :D 9/leaf-xceed-music-division-downstream /


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2009-11-04 14:33:26

hoho from the philippines ei, hows the weather ova ther, i hear u guys have a pretty tough time w. all the typhoons en all, great music btw, nothing can compare to the simple but sweet melodies from the piano no?

rtnario responds:

Yep, Philippines. Weather's fine, but as you said the typhoons did massive damage to certain areas...mine not included, so I'm lucky and thankful for that! And I'm sorry, piano melodies on their own sure are amazing...but nothing can replace metal. XD