2009-11-25 00:56:45 by rtnario

The first time I got into the Top 30...

"June 17, 2009

The last thing I submitted to the Audio Portal before starting school again was Cave Story War. And since I would be very busy, I was expecting that my works would just stay put there until I submitted anything else.

Today, I was proven wrong.

To my surprise, it is in fact the first time I've ever seen my works on the Top 30 BEST TRACKS EVER list. And I said works with an "s", because both Trump Card Alteisen (4th Place) and Boss Battle! (19th Place) made it there."

...and it felt awesome. But now I'm sure I did one better than that. I just got home from school exams today (Chemistry sucks, I swear) expecting to rest all day until the time I have to study for the next two. Then I logged onto Newgrounds and jumped right in to the Audio Portal for my daily visit. I noticed that the Top 30 changed. What was on the top?

01. Cave Story War

Once more, thank you Newgrounds community, for if it were not for you events like this that would make anyone's day better wouldn't happen! What a coincidence too that it was the track I last submitted before I found out that Trump Card Alteisen and Boss Battle! were on the list. This is completely different though; this is the first time I've ever reached 1st place!

Thanks to all supporters, listeners, users, whatever, the entire Newgrounds community plus listeners of LEAF XCEED Music Division in general for allowing my work to be featured on the front page...hell, on the top too! I hope you guys look forward to my future works...for my music wouldn't exist without the audience. :)



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2009-11-27 19:19:43

congratulation, Peace N Yo

rtnario responds:

Thanks. 'sup. XD


2009-11-28 02:43:46

love the song and keep it up!

rtnario responds:

Thanks, and yes I will! :D


2009-11-28 23:42:31

Dude--I mean this when I say it--you abso-freakin-lutely deserved it.

rtnario responds:

Thanks so much for the support man. I really appreciate it! ^^


2009-12-01 02:25:36

Congrats dude! Check out my new track when you get a chance.

rtnario responds:

Thanks man, but I'm not quite sure which track you're talking about since there's a lot of new ones...but overall I like Pobeb the most. Awesome. :D