2009-12-10 06:50:30 by rtnario

YES! I logged in today and smiled to see a goal of mine that I've always been working for achieved. Since the start of me being active in the Newgrounds Audio Portal (not counting the randomly uploaded Outbreak [ELITE ReMaster] back in 2008), which would be March 28, 2009, within less than a year I have gained 100 favs! (last submisson: 8-Bit Fireflies on November 9, 2009) Seriously, all you guys are awesome for hearing, critiquing or appreciating my songs.

Once again, for all those supporting me, you can do so by listening to LEAF XCEED Music Division on Last.fm:

http://www.last.fm/music/LEAF+XCEED+Mu sic+Division

Of course, using properly tagged songs *coughNewgroundstaggingsystem>_>cough* and songs by me that aren't on Newgrounds and that you've never heard from my downloads page at my blog:

http://rtnario.wordpress.com/leaf+xcee d+hub/

Thanks for the support Newgrounds community, and thanks for always making sure that my hard work doesn't go to waste and is appreciated out there!



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2009-12-11 12:23:24

Gratulation`s xD

Not bad,
Especially considering your not doing any remixes of popular VG Songs
that would gain you a lot of half-hearted faves and one-word rewiews.
That means 100 REAL faves.

Well... at least I hope so...

Btw, any chance on an Original song from you during the Holidays?


rtnario responds:

It is you who randomly appears at random times XD

Yeah, it's a challenge to get there within that kind of time limit and with that kind of stipulation, but hey, I got there. It's even 101 now actually, and I thought of dalmatians >>

Thanks for dropping by! I dunno about that original song though; I've been working on a supersecret album project so it really depends. Oh well. ^^;


2009-12-14 20:20:39

its great i need to make it to that goal.

rtnario responds:

But I see you haven't posted anything o_o It's a long and winding road, but it leads to success nevertheless if you give it your all. =) Good luck!


2010-04-22 17:10:28

Hey congrats man :)

rtnario responds:

Haha, thanks! Although as this was posted on December 10, 2009, the number actually rose from 100 to...150... :D


2010-05-03 00:03:16

Damn man. Now I have to work twice as hard just to get even half that. Ha ha ah ,':D. Your doing great dude. I

rtnario responds:

It takes a lot of time and experience, which you'll have eventually...but seriously, it's worth it. ^^ Thanks! I'll always do my best to get better each day XD