LEAF XCEED Music Division - Website Releases (2008 - 2010)

2010-05-27 10:45:16 by rtnario

I have just finished my compilation album which includes pretty much everything I've uploaded here on Newgrounds, other songs I've kept exclusive to my blog and bonus content. Two years of work have gone into this and I'm glad I've reached an end. Hope you enjoy!

http://rtnario.wordpress.com/2010/05/2 7/leaf-xceed-music-division-website-re leases-2008-2010/


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2010-06-06 13:34:22

can i download on itunes XD

rtnario responds:

Unfortunately, you can't; it takes money for me to get my music on iTunes and money for people to download it off iTunes. At this moment in time, I don't want both, so I guess you'll just have to stick with the free Mediafire download ^^;


2010-06-27 15:18:02

Well, least its all together now. I've listened to nearly all of the older stuff, now I'm just waiting for you to magically spew out several hours of your time into something else I can give my say on. Preferably good, like the rest, though. XD

rtnario responds:

Wow, you're a pretty consistent user who likes my works and I really thank you for that :) If you've read my blog though, my PC had problems so I'm gonna have to spend a lot of hours getting everything back together before I make something new. Sorry. ^^; But really, I'm glad enough that there are people out there who appreciate what I do; thank you so much!


2010-07-05 18:00:10

so we cant download the song

rtnario responds:

...you can't download it off iTunes, no, because my stuff is all free in one album or track-by-track if you would please check my blog :)