2010-08-04 12:31:32 by rtnario

Well, fine, I wouldn't actually make a News post since I don't really do that unless there's some special event, and there is. Aside from the main title of the post, I've reached 200 favorites since some days ago as an audio artist here on NG. Once again, thank you for the listens, ratings, reviews and support you've given me! I really appreciate it that even after so long of me being inactive in submitting new songs for people to hear, there are still those who listen to my music nonetheless. Thanks much for that!

Now, on to what I really wanted to say. I haven't been submitting much content to the NG Audio Portal, nor have I been making new content at all. I'm about to enter college in a year, and so this last year of high school that I have is the hardest school year that I've EVER experienced. Projects are everywhere, lessons are difficult, schedules are confusing...it's really all to prepare myself to enter college.

If I'm not buried under school-related activities, the time I spend supposedly for creating music is spent on finding ways to make it sound better in all aspects. I'm talking about topics dealing with real audio engineering--the kind of things people learn to mix, master and produce albums for the world to hear, appreciate and commercially support. There are people who exist as audio engineers for a living. I never have enough time to do anything I used to, and if I do try to make something I wouldn't have any ideas thanks to everything I'm occupied with already. Really, it's frustrating, but it'll have to be that way...

I just hope that I'll somehow be set free from all of this someday and get back on track. Until then, don't expect anything much from LEAF XCEED's side. Unfortunately.


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2010-09-14 11:01:34

man you stuff is good i wish i could use some of it with my Vocaloid -Sweet Ann- .Vsq- . all im saying is keep making music . Korg 10 is da shit XD

rtnario responds:

Thanks again! Please check your PM box for more info on that.


2010-10-11 21:26:16

yea i know what you mean with high school you deserve more credit because people don't understand what it is like to make REAL music

rtnario responds:

High school is hell. -_-' Thanks.


2010-10-25 09:28:01

Well, best of luck to what you try to do. Id love to hear more music from you, just because you take different routes, or make a sound seem a bit more powerful, metalized, ect than some other artists who hardly change a thing. While thats fine, the total redos for the most part are always worth a listen.

rtnario responds:

Thank you! As much as it is more difficult now to make songs for me, considering all the things I have to go through first, I'm glad there are people who still appreciate it anyhow. Especially consistent ones. XD Hope my next release doesn't disappoint!


2010-11-21 18:47:15

I know the feeling, man. With so much college homework, I barely have to time to write anything.

I hope it works out, man. I wish you the best of luck. I hope you can eventually more music, and possibly make something out of your musical talents.

rtnario responds:

There's that...I'll be entering the same hell in some months time. = =

Thanks. I'm sure my composing will get affected by it all, but nevertheless, it will still remain, and continue improving. Hope that what I make then would show me signs of progress, and of course, would also be appreciated by people like you :)