Update: rtnario isn't dead :D

2011-05-09 07:53:57 by rtnario

Yep, read the title. So I haven't made a news update in my Newgrounds account for almost a year. Well, that's cause 1) I've been very busy in real life and 2) this isn't my blog, which unlike Newgrounds is something I always use. So rest assured, anyone wondering where I've gone in terms of music or otherwise can just visit me here:


That's my blog, where you can find every single song of mine, and I'll tell you that there's plenty that's not in my Newgrounds portfolio there. So if you -really- like my music, you'll spot maybe double the content in my blog, and of course, if you bother doing that I'd like to ask your support to like the official LEAF XCEED Music Division Facebook page over here:


You'll be doing me a big favor by helping me spread my music by doing so ^_^

In terms of Newgrounds, I'm going to plan to use this account like I always have, to hold songs I want the Newgrounds Audio community to hear and to be able to use in their projects. I have learned many things regarding music and life itself over these months, and I would love to be able to share my findings in the way of my trademark metal video game remixes to you all. If I make anything I find Newgrounds-worthy, then just wait for it to pop up here if it's not already on my blog :D

I'd also like to thank everyone who has always been listening to my music in spite of my absence in this community. Last news post I said I got 200 people with me on their list, but now it's a number very near 300 (and I didn't do anything new here! XD) so thank you all so much, I really appreciate you guys and your continued support for my works! I only hope to make even more music that people will be able to enjoy even more in the future.

Thanks for dropping by, and see ya in the next remix!



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2011-05-13 11:28:36

i know....

rtnario responds:

...you know what? XD


2011-06-18 12:41:04

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2011-07-20 06:04:41

Hey again :)


2011-08-02 09:37:16

your awesome man! cant wait to hear what you make next!