I reiterate: I have left Newgrounds Audio

2013-11-02 11:17:17 by rtnario

Due to an old friend sending me an e-mail wondering where the hell I've been, I've realized that people still don't quite get that I am no longer around, at least nowhere near as often as I used to back when I was high school XD

I have left Newgrounds Audio. I'm focusing more on my studies now and if not my studies then my personal life endeavors outside of Newgrounds Audio. Yes, I am still composing music, and yes, I am still remixing video game music into video game metal! I've just transferred to a different place that's more personalized and needs less maintenance than if I was still going around here.

I've made a weblabel under the LEAF XCEED Music Division name, and as of writing there are two people in the artist roster--myself and Merlin, an EDM musician from The Netherlands. You can find our music here:


As for those asking for permission of using this and that for whatnot and whatnot, all you need to do is properly credit me. That's it, you don't have to PM me waiting for a reply because I probably won't give one anytime soon if you do it via Newgrounds.

HOWEVER, if there really is a specific concern you must raise, like if you have a -special- project you want to use my music on, if your project costs money, if you want to talk about me making music or a soundtrack for you, then you have to send me an e-mail over at:


That's all! I'll leave some -active- links here for those interested in keeping up to date with my life or my musical ventures:

Personal Blog: http://www.rtnario.wordpress.com
LEAF XCEED Music Division: http://www.leafxceedmusicdivision.wordpress.com
LEAF X MD Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LEAFXMD
LEAF X MD YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/LEAFXCEED

Thanks for reading!



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2013-11-03 17:07:33

Thanks for making good music! Hope some day your ventures bring you back to the source, the core of communities, back to NG. :P

rtnario responds:

They did. I'm back. HAHA


2016-09-03 08:01:11

Heeey welcome back! XD