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ahh jesus christ, the "BURNING!" part gets me all the damn time, such a classic


This is coming from the maker of that Boss Battle! theme you used over there, which I thank you for by the way :D Made me laugh for an animation that seemed so simple, what with all the parodies you included. Great job!

ViolentBuddha responds:

Tnx dude , you got great music!

I swear I've heard that song somewhere before...

Okay j/k hi LuccasBode XD

I watched the original from YouTube (without subtitles though) and this "port" is actually pretty good except for a few things. Specifically like what was repeatedly mentioned by others, the audio quality could be better, and while I have no complaints about the animation (3-D in NG? O_O) the final movie could use some bard on the top and bottom to cover the empty white space on top, and you could adjust it to cover the black bar on the left, too.

All in all, nice vid, funny ending, thanks for using my remix and good luck in future episodes! =)

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That was...

...the weirdest application of my music ever. XD

I see that this is definitely not all about the engine or the graphics, proven by the other reviews before mine. It's more about the messages and symbolisms of certain events and objects. Unfortunately, not many will get it, myself included...^^;

Still this stands as proof that you could have one meaningful animation/game if you improve on certain things. =)

someplaceelse responds:

First of all I would like to say, you have great music, I thought I was lucky to find something so good, and something that went so smoothly for the idea I had for my game.
Second of all, thanks for the review, it proves that this game/whatever this really is succeeded in it's purpose. As for not getting it though, I can't help you with that. Different people understand different things, right?


Man, I forgot how I got here, but it was through randomly browsing, that's for sure. And here I am surprised that the first song of mine that's has ever been used in a Flash game is...is...XD

Well, the game's pretty simple, but difficult. Especially the fact that you're forced CLICK the arrows and spacebar instead of being able to just keyboard it. It would've been easier that way, but it's all part of the challenge isn't it ^^

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Sounds great so far! I'd recommend the use of higher-octave synths during the hooks, like a 90s keyboard sorta thing.

Actually pretty good for your first. Love the constant electronic robot sound, ala Mettaton from Undertale. It kinda gets messy when the melodic arpeggios get in though, could use more coherent ordering and choices, but clear that out of the way and you've got a great track!

The melodies were great, but the execution of the "step" part of chipstep could use some more work, like the entry of the big heavy percussion sound. Solid sounds, though!

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