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The last thing I submitted to the Audio Portal before starting school again was Cave Story War. And since I would be very busy, I was expecting that my works would just stay put there until I submitted anything else.

Today, I was proven wrong.

To my surprise, it is in fact the first time I've ever seen my works on the Top 30 BEST TRACKS EVER list. And I said works with an "s", because both Trump Card Alteisen (4th Place) and Boss Battle! (19th Place) made it there.

With that, I say thank you VERY much, Newgrounds community, for allowing my works to be featured on that list, on the Audio Portal page! Thanks to you, I feel all awesome now. XD

I can only hope that my future works will be as good or better than those two that you guys loved the most out of my 12 submissions.

See ya around.


Also, if you want to download correctly ID3'd and 192 kbps quality MP3s, then go on to LEAF XCEED Music Division's Official Download Page for additional info on most all my songs and exclusive content! (including non-NG songs!)

I'm supposed to be AFK, but...achievement!?


2009-05-25 06:08:20 by rtnario

Hi to the NG community, rtnario here with some unfortunate news...

Straight to the point, vacation's gonna be over for me soon and school's gonna start again. That means I'm not gonna be able to compose much or any songs at all for the audio portal. I'm mentioning this because the NG audio community has helped me improve my works and spot my mistakes. I really love it around here :D

For people who haven't heard any of my works, I'm listing down the five works of mine that wouldn't be possible if not for the reception here:

1. Trump Card Alteisen
2. Last Showdown
3. Spark Mandrill - Short Circuit
4. Boss Battle!
5. Cave Story War

If you've noticed, these are all the same genre of music. It's the thing that I always refer to as "my style", or in other words but not exactly, "video game with power metal influences". These are the types of songs that seem to have been liked the most by the NG community. Feel free to use in anything, but proper credit is mandatory and a PM to me is much appreciated.

Now I'm gonna be busy with things such as homework, projects and quizzes yet again. But that alone isn't the reason why I'm not gonna be able to create songs. Those 5 songs are made with the same setups, with some altered instrument choices. I listen to them and tell myself, "They sound perfect," but in reality, they have many imperfections and differences compared to the kind of sounds and quality I'm trying to achieve. That is currently what I'm working on.

Until then, I recommend listening to these people:

1. MashedByMachines (Alexander Hentschel)
- Fellow Machinae Supremacy fan, one of the biggest reasons why I started submitting works to the audio portal, and also helped me very much in making my works sound like how they sound today. SID-techno-rock-metal-something genre, can't say for sure but it's awesome so just go listen to Mirrorworld already.

2. Stage 3-1 (Weston Sagle and Co.)
- Video game metal band, which has the quality I want to achieve, and also the music people would love if you like mine. YS II or J-UP Castle, up to you, both are beautiful.

3. UltimaTricksta (Jeremiah George)
- Orchestral styles added into fast beats and whatnot. Very epic music. Siege Of The Spiritual Demons plx.

4. MusicWizard
- If you want the most expert and loyal-to-the-original sounding video game remixes ever (and of cours some of them are remixed into different genres), look no further than this guy. Try his Castlevania SOTN remixes.

That's about it really. If you're a random user who just read all this for some reason, dunno with you thanks for reading? xD If you're the small group of 10 who seem to follow my works, thanks for everything. When (not If, I'll always be here to reply to reviews ^^') I come back with a new submission, I hope you enjoy it as much as my other works.

Until I submit again.


P.S. For people who really like my works, you can find more at the downloads page of my blog (proper ID3's and non-NG releases included!). Or just go there if you're interested in getting in touch for chatting and whatnot. xD:

http://rtnario.wordpress.com/leaf-xcee d-hub/

Hello NG.

2009-05-02 03:56:34 by rtnario

Hi, this is rtnario/Blackiris/XX256; whichever alias you want to call me. Since I never made a news post, here is one now :o

I'm definitely more of a person to submit music to the audio portal instead of being a flash artist. I had some years of experience as I was (and still am) an avid MIDI composer. Although I've moved on to Digital Audio Workstations, my composing style still remains the same. Usually fast-paced songs; video game or power metal in general. If you've never heard of my works before, then I suggest listening to Trump Card Alteisen as it is my most recent and simply best song I have on NG at the time of writing.

Here's some more trivia about my composing: I myself have never performed for any of my songs. This is all sample-based or synthesized music. It's not like I don't want to perform myself, but more like I can't because of reasons. But I'm not gonna let that kind of barrier affect me as I will always do my best to make my music sound as great as possible.

Put simply, I'm just a dude with a PC here - but one who will forever love music and work hard to show the world my ideas; what I can do. =)