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Hello! I'm Ramon Nario, otherwise known as rtnario, the main composer behind LEAF XCEED Music Division. I specialize in composing video game metal and new age music, but I'm always interested in delving into other genres. Hope you enjoy my stuff!

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Posted by rtnario - August 3rd, 2016

So yeah, what it says on the tin. I've finally graduated after 17 years straight of schooling. Over the past years, I've been wondering how to keep myself inspired, and how to get my music out there even more. When I looked back, I saw that the Newgrounds Audio portal was one of the greatest things that helped me progress in that manner. Not only was it an avenue for me to submit my music, it was also a place where I could listen to other people's musical expressions, make friends, and even get involved in games and animations.

I realize now how important it is to keep that spirit alive, and so here I am. I'm still running LEAF XCEED and its Music Division, the YouTube channel, Facebook, SoundCloud, website and whatnot, but I also want to go back to using this as a legitimate place for me to also submit my music. After all, it's not just me submitting music here--it's people hearing my tracks, enjoying them, and being able to use them too. And I can enjoy the same. :)

Looking forward to what the Audio Portal has to offer nowadays!



Posted by rtnario - November 2nd, 2013

Due to an old friend sending me an e-mail wondering where the hell I've been, I've realized that people still don't quite get that I am no longer around, at least nowhere near as often as I used to back when I was high school XD

I have left Newgrounds Audio. I'm focusing more on my studies now and if not my studies then my personal life endeavors outside of Newgrounds Audio. Yes, I am still composing music, and yes, I am still remixing video game music into video game metal! I've just transferred to a different place that's more personalized and needs less maintenance than if I was still going around here.

I've made a weblabel under the LEAF XCEED Music Division name, and as of writing there are two people in the artist roster--myself and Merlin, an EDM musician from The Netherlands. You can find our music here:


As for those asking for permission of using this and that for whatnot and whatnot, all you need to do is properly credit me. That's it, you don't have to PM me waiting for a reply because I probably won't give one anytime soon if you do it via Newgrounds.

HOWEVER, if there really is a specific concern you must raise, like if you have a -special- project you want to use my music on, if your project costs money, if you want to talk about me making music or a soundtrack for you, then you have to send me an e-mail over at:


That's all! I'll leave some -active- links here for those interested in keeping up to date with my life or my musical ventures:

Personal Blog: http://www.rtnario.wordpress.com
LEAF XCEED Music Division: http://www.leafxceedmusicdivision.wordpress.com
LEAF X MD Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LEAFXMD
LEAF X MD YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/LEAFXCEED

Thanks for reading!


Posted by rtnario - May 9th, 2011

Yep, read the title. So I haven't made a news update in my Newgrounds account for almost a year. Well, that's cause 1) I've been very busy in real life and 2) this isn't my blog, which unlike Newgrounds is something I always use. So rest assured, anyone wondering where I've gone in terms of music or otherwise can just visit me here:


That's my blog, where you can find every single song of mine, and I'll tell you that there's plenty that's not in my Newgrounds portfolio there. So if you -really- like my music, you'll spot maybe double the content in my blog, and of course, if you bother doing that I'd like to ask your support to like the official LEAF XCEED Music Division Facebook page over here:


You'll be doing me a big favor by helping me spread my music by doing so ^_^

In terms of Newgrounds, I'm going to plan to use this account like I always have, to hold songs I want the Newgrounds Audio community to hear and to be able to use in their projects. I have learned many things regarding music and life itself over these months, and I would love to be able to share my findings in the way of my trademark metal video game remixes to you all. If I make anything I find Newgrounds-worthy, then just wait for it to pop up here if it's not already on my blog :D

I'd also like to thank everyone who has always been listening to my music in spite of my absence in this community. Last news post I said I got 200 people with me on their list, but now it's a number very near 300 (and I didn't do anything new here! XD) so thank you all so much, I really appreciate you guys and your continued support for my works! I only hope to make even more music that people will be able to enjoy even more in the future.

Thanks for dropping by, and see ya in the next remix!


Posted by rtnario - August 4th, 2010

Well, fine, I wouldn't actually make a News post since I don't really do that unless there's some special event, and there is. Aside from the main title of the post, I've reached 200 favorites since some days ago as an audio artist here on NG. Once again, thank you for the listens, ratings, reviews and support you've given me! I really appreciate it that even after so long of me being inactive in submitting new songs for people to hear, there are still those who listen to my music nonetheless. Thanks much for that!

Now, on to what I really wanted to say. I haven't been submitting much content to the NG Audio Portal, nor have I been making new content at all. I'm about to enter college in a year, and so this last year of high school that I have is the hardest school year that I've EVER experienced. Projects are everywhere, lessons are difficult, schedules are confusing...it's really all to prepare myself to enter college.

If I'm not buried under school-related activities, the time I spend supposedly for creating music is spent on finding ways to make it sound better in all aspects. I'm talking about topics dealing with real audio engineering--the kind of things people learn to mix, master and produce albums for the world to hear, appreciate and commercially support. There are people who exist as audio engineers for a living. I never have enough time to do anything I used to, and if I do try to make something I wouldn't have any ideas thanks to everything I'm occupied with already. Really, it's frustrating, but it'll have to be that way...

I just hope that I'll somehow be set free from all of this someday and get back on track. Until then, don't expect anything much from LEAF XCEED's side. Unfortunately.

Posted by rtnario - May 27th, 2010

I have just finished my compilation album which includes pretty much everything I've uploaded here on Newgrounds, other songs I've kept exclusive to my blog and bonus content. Two years of work have gone into this and I'm glad I've reached an end. Hope you enjoy!

http://rtnario.wordpress.com/2010/05/2 7/leaf-xceed-music-division-website-re leases-2008-2010/

Posted by rtnario - December 10th, 2009

YES! I logged in today and smiled to see a goal of mine that I've always been working for achieved. Since the start of me being active in the Newgrounds Audio Portal (not counting the randomly uploaded Outbreak [ELITE ReMaster] back in 2008), which would be March 28, 2009, within less than a year I have gained 100 favs! (last submisson: 8-Bit Fireflies on November 9, 2009) Seriously, all you guys are awesome for hearing, critiquing or appreciating my songs.

Once again, for all those supporting me, you can do so by listening to LEAF XCEED Music Division on Last.fm:

http://www.last.fm/music/LEAF+XCEED+Mu sic+Division

Of course, using properly tagged songs *coughNewgroundstaggingsystem>_>cough* and songs by me that aren't on Newgrounds and that you've never heard from my downloads page at my blog:

http://rtnario.wordpress.com/leaf+xcee d+hub/

Thanks for the support Newgrounds community, and thanks for always making sure that my hard work doesn't go to waste and is appreciated out there!


Posted by rtnario - November 25th, 2009

The first time I got into the Top 30...

"June 17, 2009

The last thing I submitted to the Audio Portal before starting school again was Cave Story War. And since I would be very busy, I was expecting that my works would just stay put there until I submitted anything else.

Today, I was proven wrong.

To my surprise, it is in fact the first time I've ever seen my works on the Top 30 BEST TRACKS EVER list. And I said works with an "s", because both Trump Card Alteisen (4th Place) and Boss Battle! (19th Place) made it there."

...and it felt awesome. But now I'm sure I did one better than that. I just got home from school exams today (Chemistry sucks, I swear) expecting to rest all day until the time I have to study for the next two. Then I logged onto Newgrounds and jumped right in to the Audio Portal for my daily visit. I noticed that the Top 30 changed. What was on the top?

01. Cave Story War

Once more, thank you Newgrounds community, for if it were not for you events like this that would make anyone's day better wouldn't happen! What a coincidence too that it was the track I last submitted before I found out that Trump Card Alteisen and Boss Battle! were on the list. This is completely different though; this is the first time I've ever reached 1st place!

Thanks to all supporters, listeners, users, whatever, the entire Newgrounds community plus listeners of LEAF XCEED Music Division in general for allowing my work to be featured on the front page...hell, on the top too! I hope you guys look forward to my future works...for my music wouldn't exist without the audience. :)


Posted by rtnario - September 30th, 2009

I've gotten multiple comments regarding my overall sound when it comes to anything metal. YouTube comments told me that the lead guitar was hard to hear. Metaljonus said that orchestration was too loud, guitar had too much treble, and bass, too weak. So I've decided to tweak my mix yet again.

Mix Test:

What I did here was alter the guitar sound a bit but retain the lead volume, turn down the rhythm guitar since I found it too overpowering and it makes the lead hard to hear, and turn up the bass to make it much more noticeable. I haven't tried this new setup with orchestration, but how is it anyway? My opinion and a friend's says that it's an improvement. :) And a side note...should I turn this "template test" into a song? It could be the next NG release I'd have...

In other news, the stuff I don't release in NG is released elsewhere not unless it's really private. For those interested, I came up with a very short but relaxing (IMO XD) acoustic guitar piece called Downstream when I was in "freestyle composing" mode. Enjoy :D

http://rtnario.wordpress.com/2009/09/2 9/leaf-xceed-music-division-downstream /

Posted by rtnario - September 19th, 2009

So I bumped into this site called Bandcamp thanks to others.

http://leafxceedmusicdivision.bandcamp .com/

It's a site made specifically for bands, artists, composers and basically anyone who creates music where they can all upload their tracks for free. There's also a lot of other features like paid downloading, e-mail listings and such so really it's the site to go to if you're ever serious about finding ways to get your music known. Obviously, I'd be there. :)

So for the, um, 66 people who care right now, if you randomly visit the Bandcamp site through this News post you'll get an exclusive treat :D

Posted by rtnario - June 20th, 2009

Now that there are 25 people who care (from 10, but getting on the front page sure got me somewhere...) I'm gonna use my News posts more effectively by posting what I post at my actual blog. Of course, I'll post only the music releases =)


Source: http://rtnario.wordpress.com/2009/06/2 0/leaf-xceed-music-division-yuyu-metal /

LEAF XCEED Music Division - YuYu Metal

Download Link:
http://www.nakido.com/1DB414C3F33D97EB E82C0E7C27724ECC64DCD5C2 (again, MediaFire v_v)

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /248262

Here we have YuYu Metal, an obviously metal version of the music used for Adam Phillips' award-winning Flash animation, "The YuYu". The music itself was composed by Peter "Spider" Stacy of The Pogues fame, and James Walbourne. I got into making a remix of this thanks to an NG user named pheel who made three remixes based on the Flash: The YuYu (8bitey), The YuYu 8bit v2 & The YuYu Rock. It was through randomly going through his userpage, listening to the remixes and finding The YuYu on Google that made me want to remix it myself.

So now you can watch the animation and play this remix alongside it. =)